Window Film

The Newest Breakthrough in Automotive Window Film

TJ Auto Work’s is a film industry who from the beginning have made it our mission to manufacture and provide a film to protect your skin while giving you clear visibility for those long hours on the road. Using our innovative Hybrid Nano Technology, we have developed a window film that will be the optimum solution for protection against harmful UV radiation and creating the ultimate driving experience.

Embrace the Change

 PET – All of our Vivid Series is designed with a crystal-clear optical polyester, with a value of 0.4-0.5 for minimal haze and minimal restrictions
on the driver’s sight of vision.
 Stability – Through many years of thorough field tests, our Vivid Series is certified for maximum color stability and durability.
 Adhesive – With zero instances of bubbling issues and without any issues covering the frit on the windows, our Vivid Series is guaranteed for a seamless installation process.

Windshield Protection